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Welcome to the Photo Library

Here is a sampling of quality photos featuring some of Greater Edmonton’s many attractions.  (This library also includes a limited number of industry-related images.)

All of these images are made available at no-cost to any government or not-for-profit organization marketing Greater Edmonton.

Please note that you must read and agree with all restrictions and obligations before accessing this virtual photo library.


  1. No image in this library can be sold … nor included in any type of reproduced materials sold (including souvenirs, packaging, etc.) or supported by ad revenues.
  2. These photos cannot comprise more than 50 per cent of the image content of any website or publication.
  3. No photo can be used to promote a product or service that is not directly related to marketing Greater Edmonton. (To contract an Edmonton photographer, visit the Alberta Professional Photographers Association at
  4. This collection cannot be used on personal letterhead, business cards or office décor (personal or commercial)
  5. Any website wanting to publish any image in this collection must first link to
  6. This collection cannot be used for any political, religious or moral purpose.


  1. I have read and agree to abide by all use restrictions for all photos in this library.
  2. I agree to credit for any photos republished from this collection.
  3. I understand that maintains sole ownership of all images and can withdraw borrowing or publication privileges at anytime without notice.

I accept full moral and legal liability if any photo is used inappropriately.

This photo library is maintained by for the express purpose of marketing Greater Edmonton.  Images are changed periodically without notice.  Copying or forwarding these images without adherence to all conditions is a breach of copyright law.  Questions about this photo collection can be directed to

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