Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

Apprenticeship Program

Alberta has an apprenticeship system to train those who are interested in entering a trade occupation. The candidate is employed in the industry and trained on the job by experienced, certified journeymen. This “hands-on” learning is supplemented by classroom or distance training through a post-secondary institution, such as the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Learn more about apprenticeship programs in Edmonton through the stories of people who've experienced it at www.edmontonstories.ca.
TradeSecrets is a very helpful Alberta Government site specifically aimed at apprenticeship, training, and preparation for anyone interested in trade and industry jobs.

Occupation and Training Info

An important step before you begin a job search is to learn all you can about an occupation. The OCCinfo is a database of all the jobs in Alberta, including duties, working conditions, educational requirements, personal characteristics, salary, and current job markets.

Exploring several jobs will give you an idea of current and future prospects in any given field, and help you to plan for training or education.

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